2016 Profile Pic-Allan copy.jpg

I love coffee. Espresso or Turkish coffee always does it for me
Even better with a side of good conversation
I love good stories
Movies with stories that move you move me
I love music… especially music by new and undiscovered artists – when music is for music and not for anything else.
I love food. And wine. And traveling to new places to see new things and taste new food and wine
I love life - life is amazing
I love watching life happen
I love watching love happen
I love images
I love images that define the moments when two embark together as one
I am very passionate. About life. About love.
I find it hard to contain my passion when it’s brewing like coffee
Like the night before a wedding when my sleep is sweet anxiety
Anxiety from wanting to never let my bride down
Brides are beautiful creatures. If I am very still I can capture their beauty in the most pure and vulnerable moments. 
And freeze those moments in time.
This is what I do.
It is not a job. It is my life's mission.